14 or 22 foot Grand Champion Shuffleboard

14 foot Championship Shuffleboard Game - Table Game available for rent from Video Amusement

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  • 22 foot Championship Shuffleboard Game - Table Game

Shuffleboard: Grand Champion Game is also popularly known as shove-board, or shovel-board game. This board game is manufactured by America’s leading Shuffleboard manufacturer Champion Shuffleboard in Richland Hills, Texas. You can get this game in fun zones, brewery restaurants and sports bars.

The game became so famous that it caught the attraction of all age players. Shuffleboard: Grand Champion Game involves skill and great entertainment for everyone. The game is delivered in two pieces: the cradle of the game and the playfield a 3 inch thick and 20 inch wide solid maple board. It takes 3 men to deliver and assemble the game on the location.

Dimensions:30"W x 180"L x 30"H
Power:120v AC, 1amps

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