Funky Gator Arcade

Funky Gator Arcade Game

Funky Gator Arcade - Table/ Carnival Games

Funky Gator Arcade: Game is all time classic game. In this game the player need to whack as many alligators with the help of a soft hammer. This game is definitely for all age people who are looking for great excitement and enjoyment.

To increase the fun of Funky Gator Arcade: Game, dual cabinets are linked to give extra fun. Funky Gator Arcade: Game is the sequel of all time hit Wacky Gators. This is a game that offers great entertainment and playing it offers so much fun. What are you waiting for? Try Funky Gator Arcade: Game. Today!

Dimensions:46"W x 33"L x 75"H single unit
Power:120v AC, 3amps

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