NBA Hoop Troop

Basketball game ideal for youngest of players.

NBA Hoop Troop Basketball Game ideal game for the youngest of players.

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  • Troop Hoops Basketball game
  • Troop Hoops from ICE Games
  • ICE NBA Hoop Troop basketball game
  • NBA Hop Troop Basketball Game
  • ICE Hoop Troop basketball game.
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NBA Hoop Troop Kids Basketball Game – NBA Hoop Troop is the most recent addition to the long list of ICE branded sports-themed redemption games.

NBA Hoop Troop basketball game is an exciting and kid-friendly game that will be a staple piece for years to come. Featuring an intense LED kit with over 100 LED’s to enhance the already stunning graphics package. The game is paired with acrylic backboard plus a gleaming hard wood floor.  NBA Hoop Troop is a SLAM DUNK for any party.

NBA Hoop Troop basketball game incorporated the ever popular stationary basket. This is ideal for youngest of players and uses a 5 1/2″ ball which is easier to hold and throw while being safer in case of bouncing back towards the player. Hoop Troop features the 3 point hot shot during the last 10 seconds of every game making this competitive and enjoyable for all.

Dimensions:35"W x 76"L x 72"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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