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American Football Kicking Game

Field Goal For Hire - Bay Area Arcades California, Nevada

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Are you a big fan of the Football? Do you to watch and cheer for your favorite team crush the opponent? Have you ever wanted to just get on the field and play football, but lack the stamina and the strength to play it? There is always an option, an alternative in life, rest assured. For those people who just want to have mild fun in parties or birthdays with their friends and family avoiding a whole hectic day on the field, you can certainly try out our arcade game: Field Goal.

How does this game work? It’s pretty simple actually and we have make certain that there are no major sophistications and it is as simple as possible and playable for all kinds and ages of people.

The game’s components include a ball which strikes a spinning ball which in turn after completing its revolutions points to a ticket value and depending upon the ticket the tip of the ball points at, the player will see the distance ball kicked. The features of the game include LED lighting which makes the game more efficient and flaw free and keeps the players interested. In addition, it provides a real time game experience with cabinets of different themes depending upon your mood and a ticket redemption game.

It is one of the most enjoyable games for sports lovers.

Dimensions:42"W x 48"L x 88"H
Power:120v AC, 2amps

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