Boxer Machine

Boxer Machine is one of the biggest hits for any party.

Boxer Machine - Sports Games

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  • Boxer Machine - Sports Games
  • Slim Jim Boxer Custom Graphics
  • Customized boxer game for a trade show
  • Boxer game customized for a sports channel

If you are looking for a party game, Boxer Machine: Arcade Game is one of the best. Boxer Machine: Game gives you the ease to throw your best punch. The Boxer Machine: Arcade Game can handle any type of punch and by it you can judge your punching power. You may be featherweight, flyweight, middleweight or heavyweight, Boxer Machine: Arcade Game is the right one for you.

Players who desire to know their punching power, this Arcade Game is would be the ideal choice. Get ready to text your strength and speed by pushing the start button and test your skills.

Dimensions:28"W x 53"L x 88"H
Power:120v AC, 3amps

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