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The most recent expansion to our officially huge stock of basketball games is an exclusive 1 on 1 Hoops Electronic Basketball game. With the addition of this game accompanying Super Shot II Basketball, NBA Hoops, NBA Hoop Troop and Double Shot. Video Amusement is now matchless by other rental organizations.

One on One Hoops Ball is an exemplary fast-passed focused basketball game in which two players contend in a shootout one on one to score the most point before they keep running of time, and it comes with a timer and LED electronic display. The game is not only for adolescents or teenagers but it’s designed for all ages so you are never too old to play this incredible game.

One on One Hoops Basketball game design also provides electronic sensor and strong traps to provide a genuine play with accurate and precise scoring. In order to ensure a perpetual game experience so that no break of play occurs side netting has been installed particularly for this purpose.

1 on 1 Hoops Basketball is a portable game, this provides an added advantage to the customers as they can set it up in any place whether it is outdoor or indoor, office or home or a party depends on your use.

The best way to utilize this game to create an aura of jolliness is to install it during parties. As we know not all people at parties have a good time because there are no recreational and fun activities for them to involve themselves in but worry no more because 1 on 1 Hoops eradicates boredom swiftly.

Dimensions:40"W x 120"L x 80"H
Power:120v, 1 Amp or battery operated

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