Top Skater – Skateboard game

Top Skater is the first high tech realistic skateboard simulator with full body racing action!

Top Skater - Racing Simulator

Top Skater – Skateboard game is considered as the first realistic skateboard simulator. This game was developed by Sega and it was released during 1997. This game is built on the basis of Sega Model Two Hardware.

This game comes with full-body racing actions. In this game, players have to perform different stunts that are tough enough. Players will have to maneuver their body actions while going for the most challenging skateboarding courses. Top Skater – Skateboard game is not the video game. Rather this game is considered as the hard core skateboarding moves that players have to perform. As a player you will need to do several stunts like kick flips, 360 flips, Oilies, 180 turn, Indy nose bones and several other moves. This game is also the very first arcade game in which controlling interface for skateboard was featured.

Among all the skateboarding games, Top Skater – Skateboard game is considered as the top one that produces highest level of challenge for the players.

Dimensions:46"W x 106"L x 89"H
Power:120v AC, 7amps

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