Soul Surfer – Surfing Game

Soul Surfer will take you to surf the world’s greatest waves!

Soul Surfer - Racing Simulator

If you have tried some of the most thrilling games, then the time has come to ride the surf. It’s the Soul Surfer – Surfing Game which will take on some thrilling rides on the waves. In this game, you will have the chance to take on some greatest waves. This game will help you to take on the waves at some popular beaches across the globe like Polynesia, California, Hawaii, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

Soul Surfer – Surfing Game is considered as one of the interactive game. During the game play, players can use the real surfboard and can find own character live on the screen. In this game you can perform more than thirty tricks in order to perform on the waves and you can even take a spin at 360 degree. You can slash back, take the tube rides, and double grab. The game Soul Surfer also features fifty inch monitors and this offers a great experience to the players. You will only miss the real salty water and the sand while playing this game. Virtually every other thing is available.

Dimensions:47"W x 110"L x 89"H
Power:120v AC, 7amps

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