San Francisco Rush 2049

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San Francisco Rush 2049 Racing Simulator from Video Amusement

San Francisco Rush 2049: Racing Video Game was announced during 1999. This game was developed by Atari Games and Midway Games has published it for the Nintendo 64, Arcade, Sega Dreamcast and Game boy Color.

This one is considered as the most popular racing video game that can take players on a thrilling drive for sure. This game features outstanding graphics, cars, and circuit tracks. While playing this game, you are surely going to feel like you are driving at the racing tracks of San Francisco during 2049. Well, the designer of this game has added a realistic setting for sure to offer player such an amazing experience. In order to make the game more exciting as well as thrilling, they have also added solid battle modes as well as addictive stunts. Eight players can take part with these occasions in the game at a time. there are four different stunt arenas and six racing tracks added for this game as well.

Dimensions:34"W x 64"L x 78"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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