Hydro Thunder

Speedboat Racing Simulator

Hydro Thunder - Powerboat Racing Simulator available for rent from Video Amusement

When you are looking for the racing simulator games, the name Hydro Thunder: Speedboat Racing Simulator will surely come at the top of the chart. This game has managed to attract many gamers due to some of the most amazing settings assigned for it. this racing simulator game features the killer jumps, turbo boosts, as well as challenging watercourses. All these things you can do with the help of the powerboat that you will have during the game play. In order to make this game more exciting, the developer has added thirteen different speed boats as well as eleven unique courses.

Players can try just any to play the game. When it’s all about trying the speed, power and thrills, you should go for Hydro Thunder: Speedboat Racing Simulator. Players can really experience a true speedboat racing while playing such game. So, the time has come to experience all the thrills that such game can offer you.

Dimensions:34"W x 63"L x 78"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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