H2Overdriver is a spectacular interactive arcade a powerboat racing simulator.

H2Overdriver - Powerboat Racing Simulator available from Video Amusement Rental

When you are looking for the most spectacular powerboat simulator game, you should go for the H2Overdrive: Arcade Game. This is an interactive arcade game which is also a powerboat-racing simulator. This game delivers the best graphics that you can find on the forty-two inch HD LCD. This game is also the sequel for Hydro Thunder. In this game you are going to experience the high class water actions and for this all you need to use your throttle as well as steering wheel. There are more 9 high end powerboats assigned for this game and layers can choose one of them to cruise through seven waterways located across the globe.

As you will progress in this game, deep drops, several jumps, as well as secret paths will come before you. And this setting always takes the excitement to the next level. There are also different types of booster levels that you will love to try. This game was developed by Specular Interactive and was announced during 2009 by the Raw Thrills.


Dimensions:44"W x 67"L x 84"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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