Dirty Drivin Arcade

Battle it out with up to 8 linked players!

Dirty Driving Racing Simulator available from Video Amusement for rent.

Dirty Drivin’ Arcade Racing Game was developed by Specular Interactive. This game was announced by Raw Thrills during the year 2011. The Dirty Drivin’ Arcade Racing Game was also announced in China and the venue to unveil this game was GTI Asia China Expo.

There was also a prime track added for this game and it was More Human Than Human. If you are looking for highly exciting game that is loaded with all the ingredients that modern day’s gamers need, then it’s time to go for the Dirty Drivin’ Arcade Racing Game. For this game, the developer has also added classic features that make the game play really energetic.

For this game, they have also added ten insane vehicles and also players can avail more than hundreds of vehicle upgrades. The weapons you will use in this game are really the devastating ones. The most epical racing environment is assigned along with the tracks that are packed with power-ups. This game comes with the most spectacular looking cabinet which is decorated with the LED lighting.

Dimensions:41"W x 67"L x 77"H- single
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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