Dead Heat Arcade

DEAD HEAT is an intense driving game.

Dead-Heat Arcade - Racing Simulator

Dead Heat Arcade is the most thrilling driving game. This arcade game is designed for those who wish to take their driving skills to the next level while playing games. Dead Heat Arcade: Intense Driving Game is the game which focuses greatly on the head to head racing and competition. In this game, you can find every race to be exciting enough and at the same time, the thrill can remain at the top always. Players will surely scramble for the rematch.

Prior to the race, photos will be taken for every player. This photo will appear above the cars they have selected to race. Due to this feature, players can easily trace their opponents during the race. In this way, you can easily determine with whom you are competing to win the race. Dead Heat Arcade game also comes with amazing HD graphics that are just unmatchable and also highly detailed. These races will take place in greatly represented 4 cities like Chicago, London, New York and San Francisco.

Dimensions:39"W x 64"L x 106"H- single
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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