Alpine Racer

Alpine Racer - skiing arcade game

Alpine Racer - Sports Games/ Racing Skiing Simulator available from Video Amusement for rent

It’s the Alpine Racer: Alpine skiing arcade game which was announced by Namco. This arcade game is designed for those who love to race and win. In order to make this game more exciting they have added two different playing modes. In this game you can also find three different courses. It also features the downhill as well as gate.

With the two playing modes like Time Attack and Race you will get maximum fun, as the setting with these two courses is planned perfectly. In this game, players has to stand on the ski, just like the foot stands and they have to hold two different bars in order to get that stability which is really important. This game also allows players to perform like the beginners or the experts. With these two options you will be able to test the skiing skills you have. All you need to race for the time as well as for the points. With the more advanced level, this game will become tough and you will also find challenging course.

Dimensions:50"W x 94"L x 93"H
Power:120v AC, 8amps

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