Airline Pilots

SEGA Boeing 777 Airplane Simulator

SEGA Airline Pilots - Boeing 777 Simulator available for rent from Video Amusement

If you are looking forward to have a virtual experience of an airline pilot, then the game Airline Pilots: Real Airplane Simulator can really draw your attention at first. It’s the Airline Pilots: Real Airplane Simulator which is also known as the real air plane simulator. This game comes with amazing feedback controls and stunning graphics. This is an incredible game and meant for those who love to have adventure and excitement during the game place. Arcade simulator is taken to the new level with the announcement of this game.

When you are looking for the most authentic and exciting air line pilot game, Airline Pilot can really come at the top. In this game, you will have the chance to simulate even the Boeing 777 like aircraft virtually and this can add real fun. The engineers from the Japan Airlines have contributed a lot to develop this type of game. This one is considered as one of the most amazing mobile-flight simulator game developed for the gamers.

Dimensions:38"W x 64"L x 74"H
Power:120v AC, 8amps

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