CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Pinball

Pinball is based on the No. 1 program on television.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Pinball - Latest Pinball Collection

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Pinball: Machine Game is based on the television show with the same name. This game was released November 2008 and is manufactured by Stern Pinball and Steve Ritchie Productions. The designer of this game is Pat Lowlor and programmed by Lonnie D. Ropp, Lyman F. Sheats Jr., and Keith P. Johnson. The artwork of this game is done by John Youssi, and Margaret Hudson and music is done by David Thiel.

The CSI pinball machine features original voices and music from many major characters from the television show, including Robert David Hall, Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows and David Thiel.

Dimensions:27"W x 55"L x 76"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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