Wedding Photo Booth

The original Auto-Photo Model 17, restored to its former glory!

Grand Classic photo booth is the replica of famous Model 11 photo booth.

Photo Strip Layouts: (click to enlarge)

  • Layout #7 4-pose split logo
  • Layout #7 4-pose single logo
  • Layout #8 - 3-pose with logo
  • Layout #5 4-pose
  • Layout #6 4-pose
  • Wedding Photo Booth
  • Wedding photo booth side detail
  • Wedding photo booth floor detail
  • Wedding photo booth detail of the original door with reflective glass
  • Wedding photo booth is original Model 17 Auto Photo
  • B&W prints comparison: digital vs. original

If you desire to take pictures of newly we couples, then Wedding Photo Booth: Auto Photo Model would be the right one. Wedding Photo Booth: Auto Photo Model is very popular over than forty years.

This booth is almost same like black and white and carnival photo booth. The machine is designed perfectly to meet wedding events. People, who desire to keep their memories intact, then try out wedding photo booth. This booth can be opened on both the sides and is very comfortable. Couples will get customized layouts and great text and logo design features. Wedding Photo Booth: Auto Photo Model is something you should try to bring back old memories.

Dimensions:31"W x 64"L x 74"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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