Grand Classic Photo Booth

Grand Classic photo booth is truly unique beautiful machine.

Grand Classic Photo Booth - Vintage Photo Booths

Photo Strip Layouts: (click to enlarge)

  • Layout #7 4-pose split logo
  • Layout #7 4-pose single logo
  • Layout #8 - 3-pose with logo
  • Layout #5 4-pose
  • Layout #6 4-pose
  • Grand Classic Photo Booth
  • Grand Classic Photo Booth Detail
  • Grand Classic Photo Booth chair detail
  • Grand Classic Photo Booth
  • B&W prints comparison: digital vs. original
  • Grand Classic Photo Booth Customization

Grand Classic Photo Booth: Machine is a perfect machine to click picture. This machine was developed for military and government ID photos, but soon it became popular among common citizens. This was the first photo booth to allow more than single set of photos to develop at a time. With the introduction of digital technology this is no longer a concern, since you can have your pictures ready in about 20 seconds.

Grand Classic Photo Booth: Machine is the result of real craftsmanship for stunning pictures. Grand Classic Photo Booth: Machine comes in different customized layouts and designs that can be implementing for your corporate promotional event.

Dimensions:32"W x 66"L x 76"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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