Boardwalk Photo Booth

Visitors to Santa Cruz Boardwalk will certainly remember this classic original.

Boardwalk photo booth - Vintage Photo Booths

Photo Strip Layouts: (click to enlarge)

  • Layout #7 4-pose split logo
  • Layout #7 4-pose single logo
  • Layout #8 - 3-pose with logo
  • Layout #5 4-pose
  • Layout #6 4-pose
  • B&W prints comparison: digital vs. original
  • Boardwalk Classic Photo Booth
  • Boardwalk Classic Photo Booth sign detail
  • Boardwalk Classic Photo Booth Spinning Chair
  • Boardwalk Classic Photo Booth inside door detail

Boardwalk Photo Booth: For Special Occasion will bring back those old memories to life. For more than thirty five years, Boardwalk Photo Booth: For Special Occasion was the place for the photo booth.

This specially designed machine has produced more than thousands of four strips for visitors to the Boardwalk. Boardwalk Photo Booth: For Special Occasion uses special chemical development technology to make the photo last long. An LCD monitor is available inside the booth that produces best quality photos for all occasions. Two patrons can accommodate the booth and feel comfortable giving the best pose. Boardwalk Photo Booth: For Special Occasion is definitely and ideal photo developer.

Dimensions: 32"W x 66"L x 76"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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