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Frogger - Classics Arcade Game from Video Amusement

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Froggeer: an Arcade game was released in June 1981, and October 1981. This game was developed by Konami and published by Konami, and Sega-Gremlin.

This is a 2 player and an alternating game in which the player have to drive frogs to their home. To complete this game, the player has to take cross the frogs from one side of the road to the other and also over the river. Dodging cars, jumping over logs and riding on alligator backs and evading snakes are what Frogger: an arcade game is all about. Players will get bonus point for getting bugs that temporarily appear and on driving 5 frogs to their home without any hassles. You can get Frogger: an arcade game is two versions – a cocktail table and an upright cabinet.


Dimensions:26"W x 34"L x 73"H - Upright cabinet, 27"W x 30"L x 27"H - Cocktail table
Power:120v AC, 3amps

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