Discs of Tron

Discs of Tron Game

Discs of Tron - Classics Arcade Game from Video Amusement

Discs of Tron: An Arcade Game was released on 1983. This game is totally based on 1982 Disney film Tron.

In Discs of Tron: An Arcade Game, the player is given different configurations of platform rings to jump and stand on. The video game also uses a spinning knob that is used to move a mouse-like cursor around the playing field so you can judge where the discs will deflect off the walls and on later levels the knob can be pulled up or pushed down depending on the height of the platforms. Hence, get ready to play these wonderful Discsof Tron: An Arcade Game. Today!

Dimensions:26"W x 30"L x 74"H
Power:120v AC, 3amps

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