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For just any party the real staple can be added once the Table Games are assigned for the venue. All the players need to strike the light and this can be only done when you try the Table Games like pool table, billiards, skeeball, air hockey, super chexx bubble and foosball. When you are looking for the most perfect competitive play, you should go for the Table Games. These games are designed for team building and they can also be added for the local tournaments as well as grand prize ceremonies. All the Table Games we have announced are coming with the required supplies. There is no cheap Table Games you can find in this segment. All these games are based on the commercial arcade type and style and preferred as the best tournament games.

Speed of Light - Arcade Game

Speed of Light

If you are looking for a unique and new game, Speed of Light: A freeware video game is one of its kind. This game was developed by MIT Game Lab and was released in 2012. The platforms of this game...
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Quad Air 4 player air hockey table game from Video Amusement is available for rent

Galaxy Quad Air Hockey Table

Discover a new and innovative concept in air hockey! Galaxy Quad Air 4-player air hockey table is a next generation of multi-player air hockey tables. The Galaxy Quad Air is a 4 player air...
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Strike a Light - Table Game

Strike a Light

If you are looking for a game that offers great timing, speed and accuracy, then Strike a Light: Table Game is the ideal one. Strike a Light: Table Game is a high energy game that offers real gaming...
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Fire Storm Air Hockey Table - Table Game

Fire Storm Air Hockey Table

Fire Storm Air Hockey Table: Game is offered by Valley-Dynamo. This game has great features that offer striking play. The table was developed in response to operator interest in a table incorporating...
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14 foot Championship Shuffleboard Game - Table Game available for rent from Video Amusement


Shuffleboard: Grand Champion Game is also popularly known as shove-board, or shovel-board game. This board game is manufactured by America’s leading Shuffleboard manufacturer Champion Shuffleboard...
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Whac a Mole - Carnival Table Arcade Game from Video Amusement available for rent


Whac-A-Mole: An Arcade Game was released in 1976. Whac-A-Mole: An Arcade Game is a great arcade redemption game that was created by Aaron Fechter of Creative Engineering, Inc.. The mode of this game...
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Super Chexx Ice Hockey - Sports/ Table Games available for rent from Video Amusement

Super Chexx Ice Hockey

Super Chexx Ice Hockey: Arcade Game is manufactured by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE). This arcade game was released in 1982 and still one of the favorite game ever. Super Chexx Ice...
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Funky Gator Arcade - Table/ Carnival Games

Funky Gator Arcade

Funky Gator Arcade: Game is all time classic game. In this game the player need to whack as many alligators with the help of a soft hammer. This game is definitely for all age people who are looking...
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Tornado Elite Foosball Table - Sports and Table Games


Foosball: Table Soccer Game is a famous football game, ideal for all age people. This is a perfect table top game and based on association football game. In German, this game is called as...
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Kettler Ping Pong table - Sports/Table Games available for rent from Video Amusement

Ping Pong – Table Tennis

Ping Pong: Table Game is one of the most excellent grade ping pong tables that hold outdoor tables and indoor tables. In any special occasion or party event, this game would be perfect for...
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Black Cat Valley/ Dynamo Commercial Pool Table is available for rent from Video Amusement

Pool Table

Pool Table: Game is a perfect bar style game that is played on solid surfaces. Pool Table: Game is ideal game at bars, clubs and different types of special occasions. This game is very much popular...
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Billiard Table - Table Game

Professional Billiard Table

Professional Billiard Table: Game is a popular game among every individual. This game is also known as cue sports that are played with cue sticks that are used to strike the billiard ball....
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Hot Flash by Dynamo Air Hockey Table - small picture of the airhockey

Hot Flash Air Hockey Table

Hot Flash Air Hockey Table: Game is a perfect tournament hockey game that has all great features and offers high performance. Hot Flash Air Hockey Table: Game has no lights, no sounds or fast action...
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Beer Pong Table - Table Game

Beer Pong Table

Beer Pong Table: Game is also known as Beirut. In this game players require to throw a ping pong ball on a table by planning to ball it in a beer cup. Beer Pong Table: Game is played by two teams...
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