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If you are looking for some of the best Music-Dance Games, then you are at the right place. We have announced three different categories of Music-Dance Games in this segment. These three collections come with the CD, digital jukeboxes as well as hottest games. One of the most appreciated Music-Dance Games is the Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova and the next one in this segment is the home gaming system like Xbox KInect and Wii. Well, these games can be tried at just any time and can offer you ultimate fun and excitement on the go. So, the time has come to try these games now.

Kiss PRO Pinball For Hire - Bay Area Arcades California, Nevada

Kiss PRO Pinball

The most recent addition from Stern Pinball is the Kiss Pro Pinball Machine. This diversion is motivated from the fanciful I970’s band. This game creates an atmosphere which takes the players to...
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Guitar Hero Arcade - Arcade Game for rent

Guitar Hero Arcade

The Guitar Hero Arcade game is based on the most popular game Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock. This game can also be considered as the perfect combination of Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero...
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Digital Download Jukebox - Music - Dance Games

Digital Download Jukebox

Digital Download Jukebox: Game is a latest video amusement game that is designed by Digital Download Jukebox technology. This game is ideal for every individual and at the same time players can...
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Rockola Bubbler CD Jukebox - Music - Dance Games

Rockola Bubbler CD Jukebox

Rockola Bubbler CD Jukebox: Music Game is one of the most popular jukeboxes of all times. In this game, the machine holds more than hundreds CDs with the music of your choice. You can use Rockola...
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Dance Dance Revolution Supernova - Music - Dance and Music Games available for rent from Video Amusement

Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova

Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova: Game was released in 16th November, 2010. The developer and publisher of this game are Konami. The platforms of Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova: Game is Wii,...
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Wii Nintendo Guitar Hero - Other Fun Stuff

Wii Nintendo Guitar Hero / WorldTour

Wii Nintendo Guitar Hero / WorldTour: Games was released in 26th October, 2008. This game is developed by Neversoft, Budcat Creations, and Vicarious Visions. This game was published by Activision and...
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Xbox 360 Kinect - Music/ Dance/ Sports Games

Xbox 360 Kinect

The Xbox 360 Kinect: Xbox game is also considered as the latest one announced by Xbox. In this game, you will be the sole controller. There will be no gadgets, and gizmos. It will be just you who...
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Metallica PRO pinball - Latest Pinball Collection

Metallica Pinball PRO

It’s the whole new Metallica Pinball PRO: Rock and Roll Machine that is announced by the Stern. It is also considered as one of the most popular Stern collections. It comes with the master of...
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AC/DC - pinball - Latest Pinball Collection

AC/DC PRO pinball

Stern Pinball has announced this new AC/DC PRO pinball game for the market. This is a high voltage game and quite an innovative one on the go. If you are looking for the real rocking adventure, then...
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The Rolling Stones pinball - Latest Pinball Collection

The Rolling Stones Pinball

The Rolling Stones Pinball: Machine Game is wonderful and the music is just awesome. In music, The Rolling Stones Pinball: Machine Game has been one of the biggest merchandise. The Rolling Stones...
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Elvis pinball - Latest Pinball Collection

Elvis Pinball

Elvis Pinball: Machine Game was designed by Steve Ritchie. This game was given the brand name of Elvis Presley to celebrate the music, life and the legacy of this Rock n’ Roll legend. In Elvis...
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