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When you are looking at the Arcade Games, you will really like to stop yourself at a side so that you can assess what sort of response these Arcade Games have received and what type of entertainment and excitement these Arcade Games have offered to the players. There are many Arcade Games announced till date. It’s been twenty-five years and these games have ruled the whole market with a great approach. There are different varieties and selections available for the players while looking for the Arcade Games. From Pac Mane to the Speed of Light, every Arcade Games is designed to offer sheer entertainment and excitement to the players on the go.

Speed of Light - Arcade Game

Speed of Light

If you are looking for a unique and new game, Speed of Light: A freeware video game is one of its kind. This game was developed by MIT Game Lab and was released in 2012. The platforms of this game...
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Big Buck Hunter HD - Arcade Game from Video Amusement

Big Buck Hunter HD Arcade

The Big Buck Hunter HD Arcade: Video Hunting Game comes with the 42’’ monitor. This game was announced by the leading developers for the number one selling video hunting game. It is the new...
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Pac-Man Battle Royale DX - Arcade Game

Pac-Man Battle Royale DX

It’s the Pac-Man Battle Royale DX: Arcade Game which is considered as the bigger as well as better arcade game that you can try now in order to have more fun. This game comes with an amazingly...
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Guitar Hero Arcade - Arcade Game for rent

Guitar Hero Arcade

The Guitar Hero Arcade game is based on the most popular game Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock. This game can also be considered as the perfect combination of Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero...
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Street Fighter Anniversary Edition - Arcade Game

Street Fighter Anniversary Edition

If you are ready for a fighting match, then Street Fighter Anniversary Edition: Video Game would be the right game for you. Street Fighter Anniversary Edition: Video Game was released in 31st August,...
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Tekken 5 Namco - Fighting Game for rent

Tekken 5

Tekken is one of the earliest 3D fighting game franchises, with the first game applying many of the concepts found in Virtua Fighter by Sega. As with many fighting games, players choose a character...
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Soul Calibur - Fighting Arcade Game available for rentals

Soul Calibur II

Soul Calibur II is a 2002 video game published by Namco and the third installment in the Soul series of weapon-based fighting games. It was originally released for the arcades. The game's plot...
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Golden Tee Golf Live 2010 - Sports/ Arcade Games

Golden Tee Golf Live 2014

Golden Tee Golf Live 2014: Arcade Video Golf Game has great features. In this game you will experience 5 different courses. Golden Tee Golf Live 2014: arcade video golf game was developed by award...
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Silver Strike Bowling Bowler Club - Sports and Bowling Game from Video Amusement

Silver Strike Bowling – Bowlers Club

Silver Strike Bowling - Bowler's Club is a bowling arcade game using trackball to control bowling ball on the screen. The game is using same technology as Golden Tee type games, an arcade golf game....
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Neo Geo System Games - Multi Game Cabinet from Video Amusement

Neo Geo

The Neo Geo is a cartridge-based arcade system board by Japanese game company SNK. The MVS (Multi Video System), as the Neo Geo is known to the coin-operated arcade game industry, offers...
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Killer Instinct - Classic Arcade Fighting Game from Video Amusement

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct was released by Midway and Nintendo in summer 1984. The game's plot involves an all-powerful corporation organizing a fighting tournament. The story was adapted in a limited comic...
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Raiden - Airplane Shooting Game for rental


Raiden is scrolling shooter arcade game that was developed by Seibu Kaihatsu. It was the first game in the Raiden series of scrolling shooter arcade games followed by Raiden II, Raiden DX and Raiden...
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X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Classic Fighting Arcade Game from Video Amusement

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

X-Men vs. Street Fighter is a fighting game originally released in 1996. It is Capcom's third fighting game to feature Marvel Comics characters and the first game to match them against their own,...
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Mortal Kombat - classic fighting arcade game available for rental

Mortal Combat 3

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is a fighting game in the Mortal Kombat series, originally developed and released by Midway Games to arcades in 1995. It is an update of 1995's earlier Mortal...
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Marvel vs. Capcom - Classic Fighting Game avilable from Video Amusement

Marvel vs. Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom is a series of fighting games developed and published by Capcom featuring characters from Marvel Comics and Capcom's own video game franchises. The Marvel characters...
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Gauntlet Dark Legacy by Atari - Classic Arcade Game available from Video Amusement

Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Gauntlet Dark Legacy is an arcade game released in 1998 by Atari Games. It is a fantasy themed hack and slash game, a sequel to 1985's popular Gauntlet and marks the final game in the series...
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NFL Blitz 2000 by Midway - Sports Football Game for rent

NFL Blitz 2000

NFL Blitz 2000 game is based on a series of American football themed video games. The game was developed by Midway games, featuring the teams of the NFL. In the NFL Blitz 2000 game players choose...
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NBA JAM Arcade - Sports/ Arcade Games

NBA JAM Arcade

NBA JAM Arcade: Basketball arcade game was released in 1993. This game was developed and published by Midway and the composer of NBA JAM was Jon Hey. The platforms of this game are Arcade, SNES, Sega...
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NFL BLITZ 2K/NBA JAM Basketball - Sports Games / Arcade Games for rent from Video Amusement

NFL Blitz 2K / NBA Jam Basketball

NFL Blitz 2K / NBA Jam Basketball: sports arcade video game was developed by Midway Games and also created by Midway Games. In order to play this game, some of the platforms are Arcade, PlayStation,...
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SITE 4/AREA 51 - Arcade Game from Video Amusement is available for rent

Site 4 / Area 51 – Shooting Game

Site 4 / Area 51: Arcade Shooting Game was released on 1998. This game was developed and published by Atari Games and is very popular arcade shooting game. Site 4 / Area 51: arcade shooting game...
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AREA 51/MAXIMUM FORCE - Arcade Game available for rent from Video Amusement

Area 51 / Maximum Force – Shooting Game

Area 51 / Maximum Force: Shooting Game is very much popular and was manufactured by Atari Games in the year 1998. This is a shooting game that offers dual to multiple players. This game is designed...
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Big Buck World - Arcade Game

Big Buck World – Shooting Game

Big Buck World: Arcade hunting game was released in 2000. This game was developed by Play Mechanix, Inc and published by Raw Thrills. Some of the sequels of this game are Big Buck Hunter: Shooter's...
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Street Fighter 2 - Arcade Game is available for rent from Video Amusement

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II: Fighting Video Game is a very famous game that was released on 6th February, 1991. The developer and publisher of this game is Capcom. The producer of Street Fighter II: Fighting...
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Silent Scope - Arcade Game from Video Amusement is available for rent

Silent Scope – Shooting Game

Silent Scope: an Arcade Shooting Game was released in the year 1999. This game was developed and published by Konami. To play Silent Scope: an arcade shooting game, the platforms are Arcade,...
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Megatouch Countertop Casino Game - Arcade Game available for rent from Video Amusement

Megatouch Countertop Casino Game

Megatouch Countertop: casino video game is also a card that that is amazing to play. If you are card or casino player, then this game could be right one for you. Megatouch Countertop: Casino Video...
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