This is the original alley game and a staple for any venue!

Skeeball - Table Carnival Games available for rent from Video Amusement

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  • Skeeball 1 - Table Carnival Game
  • Skeeball 2 - Table Carnival Game
  • Skeeball 3 - Table Carnival Game
  • Skeeballs 6 lanes

Skeeball: Arcade Game is also known as skeeball or skee-ball and also known as Skee roll. This is one of the most popular arcades game and is first generation of redemption games. This game is too much similar to bowling, but in this the game is played on a tilted lane.

In this game the player aims to get the ball and to gather as much points by rolling the balls to the specific holes. For boarwalk and carnival event, Skeeball: Arcade Game is the right one. For competitive play, Skeeball: Arcade game can be linked. The game first came to limelight in 1914 and it is one of the best outdoor games. This game became hugely popular all over the United States.

Dimensions:30"W x 122"L x 80"H single unit
Power:120v AC, 3amps

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