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Raffle Drum – Ticket Tumbler For Hire - Bay Area Arcades California, Nevada

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  • Raffle Drum – Ticket Tumbler  acrylic table model
  • Raffle Drum – Ticket Tumbler woman

There are many activities which require the uneasy task of selecting a winner. There are many methods to achieve that but the best way is to just leave that choice to chance because what’s more unbiased than the inconsistent character of chance? Raffle drums or ticket tumblers can be incorporated with tickets of your choice and can be used in different lotteries to choose a winner. They can also be used for sale marketing activities depending upon your preferences.

More importantly, we have a large array of these raffle drums also known as ticket tumblers in our inventory so that the customer can pick a Raffle drum of his own choice. These choices include brass or acrylic.

These raffle drums are designed so there is no difficulty in turning them ascertaining the ease of the client.

They have also been constructed to easily mix tickets into them without any sophistication.

We also have raffle drums of different sizes to further enhance the options of the customers and our drums are durable and of industrial grade quality.

Additionally, you don’t have to connect these raffle drums to any source of power to rotate them and they can be operated manually.


Dimensions:Several sizes available
Power:No power

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