Giant Beer Pong

Beer Pong on steroids

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  • Giant Beer Pong outside foto
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You must have played the normal beer pong at a party with your friends. But when beer pong becomes a little bit too main stream, it’s time to up the ante. It’s fun playing beer pong with cups and all but it’s absolutely legendary when beer pong gets infected with Gigantism. This game is specifically for people who want an additional challenge as beer pong players. They must have mastered the art of beer pong. It’s time they eventually tried out their luck in this new exciting game.

We have made some modifications in the original beer pong game by replacing cups with 55-gallon buckets and also normal sized ping pong balls with enormous balls. The whole setup can be placed anywhere outdoors or indoors or at parties depending upon your preferences. You can enjoy this game by inviting your close friends and shooting in the buckets the entire night to have a fun filled and joyous evening.

Regarding the rules of Gigantic Beer pong, they are pretty much the same as normal beer pong and if you’ve played beer pong before at a party or any festive moment then it will not be a mystery for you. You can follow the rules or just indulge yourself in solo practice so you can prepare yourselves for the ultimate event.

This is a great game to play and certainly aids in having a good time.

Dimensions:20' x 10' x 8'
Power:No power

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