Tekken 5

Traditional Fighting Game

Tekken 5 Namco - Fighting Game for rent

Tekken is one of the earliest 3D fighting game franchises, with the first game applying many of the concepts found in Virtua Fighter by Sega. As with many fighting games, players choose a character from a lineup, and engage in hand-to-hand combat with an opponent.

Tekken 5 differs from other hand-to-hand fighting games in some ways. Traditional fighting games are usually played with buttons, which correspond to the strength of the attack, such as strong punch or weak kick. Tekken 5, however, dedicates a button to each limb of the fighter, making learning special attacks more of an intuitive process. The player could watch the animation on screen and figure out the appropriate command, if the character kicks low with their right leg, the move is likely to be executed by pressing down and right kick, or a similar variation…

Dimensions:28"W x 38"L x 73"H
Power:120v AC, 5 Apms

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