Megatouch Countertop Casino Game

Counter top multi casino game

Megatouch Countertop Casino Game - Arcade Game available for rent from Video Amusement

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  • Megatouch Countertop Casino Game - Arcade Game

Megatouch Countertop: casino video game is also a card that that is amazing to play. If you are card or casino player, then this game could be right one for you.

Megatouch Countertop: Casino Video Game has fourteen various games and much for every individual. You can enjoy centipede to solitaire that offers o much fun. At the same time player can get great options in the top location. With the help of little machine that is very portable or can be placed on a table, you can enjoy Megatouch Countertop: Casino Video Game.

Players can also enjoy blackjack, power and other card games on the touch-screen. The dimension of the screen is around 24″W x 24″L x 12″H and powered by 120v AC, 3amps.There are so many card and casino games available, but among them all Megatouch Countertop is the best one. Get ready to play this game when you are bored.

Dimensions:24"W x 24"L x 12"H
Power: 120v AC, 3amps

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