Guitar Hero Arcade

Guitar Hero Arcade is based upon the top hit game "Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock".

Guitar Hero Arcade - Arcade Game for rent

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  • Guitar Hero Arcade - Arcade Game

The Guitar Hero Arcade game is based on the most popular game Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock. This game can also be considered as the perfect combination of Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero III.

All these are known as the best guitar games and have attracted many people soon after their announcement. In the Guitar Hero Arcade game, one to two players will get the chance for selecting their favorite song. They can select these songs from such a library that carries more than fifty popular titles. In this game, players can choose either the bass guitar or the lead guitar along with the rock band.

Dimensions:40"W x 33"L x 86"H
Power:120v AC, 5amps

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